About Saloni

Saloni Kumar lives in Seattle, USA. She is an Artist, a Daughter, a Wife and a Mother of two daughters.

Growing up with her mother, who is an artist, her house seemed like a huge art gallery and which made her fascinated by paintings and colours. Before she knew it, She began to dream of being an artist herself. For her, an Artist was someone who paints for personal gratification like her mother did.

She never thought of building a career out of it or even formally studying art. Over the years of practice, She learnt the fundamentals of charcoals, watercolours, oil, pastels and acrylic. After having explored a number of mediums, oil remains her favourite because of its texture and freedom it lends to experimentation. 

She likes to draw her perception of what She sees and feels and creates a parallel of what exists. She says, She would have fallen prey to the corporate world of desk jobs and pay checks had it not been for her husband, who like her mother, saw what She truly liked and believed  hence encouraged her to pursue art.

Her professional journey as an artist began only after she got married. She had been working on her skill since she was a child and it had first started at the Art Cottage in her school The Maharani Gayatri Devi School her boarding school where she spent the first 12 years of her schooling time.

She puts her heart into all her artworks enabling every piece to speak for itself.

She appreciate you being a part of her artistic journey and hope you enjoy her artwork as much as she enjoyed creating them. She will always keep exploring and creating different artworks and surprising you by the limitless power of her thoughts, vision and outburst of colours.

Its so gratifying and joyous for her to see a piece of her heart beautifying your home. Thank you patron for your unconditional love and support.

Happy colourful life to all.